Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Day.

What A DAY. Ok, the last few days have been crazy. Evan is in one of his 'spirited' 2 1/2 year old moods. Challenging me every chance he gets by changing his mind - yes, no, yes, no. The TOT vs. MOM power struggle. Even with choices, he switches between the choices I offer like I switch between sipping coffee and taking a bite of my toast. It is ridiculous and frustrating. Yes, yes. Just a 'phase' but this is definitely something that Megan did not do and even for her - hearing it all the time is draining. She asks me, "Are you sure he won't take a nap mom?" LOL poor girl. So, we have an interesting household dynamic the past few days as Evan's mood has peeked like never before. Consistency they say. *high five team MOM* I can do this (shaking in the knees) I hope...

On a different non-crazy note, I have the best beaders ever. Seriously, I just can't believe how lucky I am to work with such amazing ladies. Jennifer, Jody, and our recent addition Mary are just amazing people. Motivating. Willing. Get 'er Done Gals. I know that I would had crashed and burned this week if it wasn't for their help with keeping stock up and making all the FB Exclusives we offered. Props to Jody for her amazing work on those, Jennifer for keeping up with the Simply Snazzy demand, and Mary who taking any task I throw at her so willingly.

Mommy Necklaces is just making me burst at the seams. I have so many ideas and visions, I find myself sleepless at night from all the relentless passion surging inside me. I think our first month of 2010 was beyond amazing - followed by amazing fans, an amazing staff, and my amazing husband who continues to support me through every obstacle. I want to keep asking, "How can we make this month better than the last?" And for a company like ours (and I mean ours, as in a piece of it is YOURS too), it isn't a question of money, it is a question of being mommy-ccessful. How do we amaze you? How do we make you feel good? How do we engage baby so you can feed a little easier? How do we make you feel like by wearing a Mommy Necklace you are part of a HUGE team of moms who all want the same thing - style. function. safety. Our success is measured in a bigger way - beyond money and numbers. It is measured by YOU. By how many moms are wearing, enjoying, and feeling good by wearing a Mommy Necklace. You keep us going, inspired, and 'on our toes'. Thank you. Here is to a Great Month 2 - Bring it on February - whose with us?! :)


  1. I just ordered my first Mommy Necklace from BabyHalfOff last week and am SO in love with it. My 4 month old loves to hold onto the donut pendant. He seems to be a little less distracted and wiggly when he can grab hold of it. My 18 month old also loves to sit on my lap and stare at it. She doesn't usually sit still, so it is a precious moment. Thank you Mommy Necklaces!

  2. With you! What an inspirational post. :-D

  3. Thank you so much Stephanie - I am so delighted to hear 1. you got a great deal and 2. your babes are lovin' it - YAY - thanks for reading my blog! :)

    Fig - YAY - I have someone who has my back LOL I ready for a great February!

  4. I am glad things are going well for you so far this year! You are so passionate about your business! I was looking through all the fan photos on your Facebook fan page - it makes me so excited to nurse my son when he is born. I'm making a list of the Mommy Necklaces I want. Hopefully I won't go broke! :)